Frustratingly hard to find Unturned players to team with nowadays?

Like seriously. I ran a group that cumulatively had like 1000 members but now I go to find new friends to play with and find a big pile of dirt.

  • Steam Forums? Nope, nobody is looking.
  • Official Discord? Too toxic and abusive to even bother with
  • Reddit? There isn’t an official Reddit for finding other players, and r/Unturned itself is kinda dead
  • In-game? Almost 90% of players are fresh, less than 200 hours people who cant play at all, probably a child with a webcam mic.

Where the duck do I find people bruh


Relatable, I just go lone wolf most of the time now.

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why not just play with your friends


No wonder, world is changing. Maybe change your attitude too, it should help you finding friends


Maybe the forum could have a Looking for Players section?


who knew giving a 10 year old bullet proof armor, an apc, and a hells fury would make them uncooperative


I wouldn’t go asking around for players to play with if I had such specific requirements. Usually you make friends in-game. You can do that by proving yourself to other cool groups/people and then asking if you can join them. If you manage to kill massive teams or you’re known to be good and active on the server, then people will want you to be on their team.

PS Being friendly in general increases your chances. :fred:


I recommend playing with friends or playing solo. Gathering a massive group of new players is good fun too. Some of the most fun I had was raiding with 12 nakeds equipped with shitty weapons

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Kinda hard to in his case

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And yours, since you ignore me…

but if they aren’t playing Unturned? My friends don’t like Unturned at all.

Friends…frien- :pensive:

i disagree
just go on a vanilla server and dont writhe Hey wanna be friends!? u gotta have some charm, sure most people will likely shoot you on sight but u can start out small as “Hey need any help” and just start making conversation whit them help them pvp and u will have a friend trust me. also u can add me if u want to i do play unturned in my free time. im not a kid and almost have 6k hrs

I made all my friends from Unturned and none of them want to play anymore lmao


Veteran players aren’t going to do that. Most times I walk up on people and surprise them without killing them, and thats how I meet friends. idk seems kinda hard to just ask “anyone team?” in chat if thats what most kids would do.

Taking in the noobs isn’t a bad idea, I used to take in noobs into my group when I did PvP before it’s just you have train them and teach them the ropes and it’s a hassle but you’ll have some new players to game with in the end.

Ive actually found myself a lot more friendly players recently and been in more teams lately. Maybe because the community is smaller and has less ‘newer’ players. I dont really know.
Although, I dont doubt its harder to find more serious, consistently playing teams (which is what I think you’re getting at)
But in the short term, I have actually found the opposite.
But finding long-term players is going to be a lot harder nowadays because I feel like those players have moved on.

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