Full Command List (antique)

A complete and comprehensive list has not been provided elsewhere (Steam guides, wikis, etc.), so here’s a complete version (some commands may be exclusive to the patched version).


  • /die: Set the player’s blood to 0%.
  • /fix: Immediately fix the player’s broken bone, if they have one.
  • /heal: Completely restore the player’s blood, hunger, thirst, radiation, and stamina. Fix the player’s broken bone, if they have one.
  • /noclip: Give the player the ability pass through normally solid objects, fly, and have superhuman sprinting speed.
  • /rep: Boost the player’s reputation to 100.
  • /speed: Give the player a superhuman sprinting speed.
  • /xp: Give the player an additional 10,000 experience.


Debug commands are exclusive to the modded patched version.

  • /melee: Melee debugging tool. Shows the range value, and damage value.
  • /gun: Gun debugging tool. Shows the accuracy value, “auto” validity, “pump” validity, “bolt” validity, and damage value.
  • /gun2: Gun debugging tool. Shows fire rate value, pellet count, range value, horizontal recoil, and vertical recoil.
  • /server: Server debugging tool. Shows the IP address, master port, NAT IP, and NAT port.
  • /vehicle: Vehicle debugging tool. Show speed value, turning value, shield value, and fuel capacity value.


  • /clear: Deal 10,000 damage to all barricades currently placed on the map.
  • /fullbright: Permanently set the time to noon.
  • /fulldark: Permanently set the time to midnight.
  • /rain: Cause rain to occur.


  • /apc: Spawn an APC.
  • /police: Spawn a Police Car.

The only vehicles that cannot be spawned are Vans, Cars, Trucks, the Humvee, and the Tractor. If using the patched version, then only the Tractor cannot be spawned, but you can spawn a Heli.


  • /showplayers: Show other players on the HUD.
  • /hurt/: Deal server damage to a specified player.
  • /goto/: Teleport the player to a specified player.
  • /bring/: Teleport a specified player to the player.


Any item can be spawned by typing a forward slash “/” followed by the item’s full name.


In probably gonna use /van the most

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Good to know. I’ll be sure /police is ready on standby. :slight_smile:

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Actually very actual (wat) information, especially in 2019🤔

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