FUN PVE, Special Zombies

1.violent games are fun.

-cut with sword, you can decapitate the zombies (zombi only) maxresdefault
-when you shoot the shotgun in the chest to the zombies, a hole appears in the chest using-two-ipads-to-create-see-th

-when a zombie stepping on the landmine they leap a foot (zomby only)
-zombies with cut legs are useless

  1. boss fighting (special infected) same left 4 dead 2 (+ -)

-zombies hunt in group of 10-15 zomby + special infected (random travel)
-(jumper) exclaim buildings, tree (faster, dodges, attacking misleads)
-(charger) it comes at a great speed to break you down
-(smoker) shoot with gas that blinds you (smoke spam), (area target, no direct hit)
-(tank) is a great force and gives powerful blows (normal speed)
-(scout) he’s following you and do not attack, stay away from you, after a few minutes they call their team (are faster, low hp)
-(acid zomby) same 3.0
-(kamikaze) is approaching you and exploding with acid or vomiting (drog efect)

  1. it must be a tactical battle

in 3.0 zombies are stupid
*zombies can withdraw
*zombie surrounds you, then attack
*zombies can call for help
*zombies attack together
*zombies will hang (stun)

4.weapons against zombies (escape)

  • zombies can be distracted by torches and fire (same 3.0)
    -a grenade with sound and lightsPipe_1
    -molotov disorient the zombies (it is already)
    -you can shoot in petrol bottles (like left4dead1, 2)
    -you can throw with the ringtone (phone) (divert)
    -you can throw with a flashlight on (same 3.0)
    -you can push them with your foot (foot attack)

normal players can not be cut off body parts.
zomby they are not people (monster).

Maybe something less directly ripped off of L4D2, but some of the points make sense. I’d rather have zombies not work tactically considering they’re braindead, but I can see the appeal in that.


does not hurt more action and strategy :slight_smile: to get inspired is good


If zombies are stupid, which they are, then how they do an apocalypse is that they exponetally get created. For every zombie, quite a few can be made before that zombie is shot, and those zombies can do the same. An exponentally increasing group, especially if it ends up making a horde or few, will overpower any type of civilians, police, and hell even military. Zombies don’t need to be smart because there’s f*** ton of em.

At first there’s (presumably) not a “f*** ton” of zombies. The explanation of how they managed to destroy human society entirely depends on how the first zombies came about.

i think that not the zombies start the apocalipse :thinking:

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