Funny, greentext? No, SDGtext

be me


suggests for stuff like planes, boats, rpgs, sentries

everyone cries “omg that would be too op no way!” it would be so easy to raid! it would beso easy to fly!! it doesn’t fit in survial game!! etc etc

Nelson sees the suggestions, jots down notes, starts coding

1 month later, Friday update comes out

holy shit he actually added the planes, rpgs, sentries etc

in game barely anything changes, literally no difference in vanilla servers
bases have a few sentries, you see a plane or helicopter fly over you once per day

mfw people treated planes and sentries like it was the 2011 Mayan calendar


Nice blogpost, you still cannot trifoce and OP is still a jabroni.


what does any of this mean

be syero
have le lonely birthday
be presented with le popular new video game console
2019 “Nintendo Switch Incident”

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“neglected father incident”

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You tried to do le epic greentext yet you know none of this. You are the reasons summer is the worst time of the year. Lurk more.


damn the switch is really fun though

I remember you were mad when you got the Nintendo Switch, refer to Doy Man’s post.

well that’s not quite what happened, but whatever did happen was funny as shit

Telling him to lurk more (which is an action considered to be in the criteria hobby of a virgin) is like telling a human to breathe. The man is already breathing, as is in this scenario, Syero is performing a virgin action 24/7.

aren’t we all lurkers

Nope, I am constantly oppressed due to my partaking in what is called tomfoolery.

when they dont know how to change text color

You still cannot triforce

cope momento?

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