Future achievement cosmetics?

The berets like the Debugger beret and the Experienced Beret and the Graduation cap for completing the tutorial are these rewards given to users for specific reasons (kinda like the capes from Minecraft), Will there ever be any more reward cosmetics for other achievements added or achievements already in the game? I’m generally curious what the users of this forum would want these to be if they were to ever get added?
For example, A special skin for the Shadowstalker mk1 or mk2 for doing the MKII easter egg or some sort of T-Shirt for winning 3 arena matches or Getting 1000 headshots?
What do you guys think? :thinking:

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That’s a good idea. e.g.Cursed Zweihander…(Like TF2 Eyelander)

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I really like the idea of having something to show for yourself doing the achievements, In games with cosmetics, I always use unlockables over purchases in most cases.

Should be nice that the menu barn to change depending on the achievements that you have done. Like trophs appearing and stuff.

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That would be very neat! I would something like the soul crystal appearing in the corner if you complete it.

That would be very interesting. More gear being scattered around from an achievement like “Scavenger”. A little-framed degree for “Mastermind”. Just little things like that would be pretty neat.

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Minecraft capes are very special, you don’t get them for doing the in-game achievements. The same thing applies to Unturned. There are only two cosmetics that you automatically get after doing something special; Graduation Cap and Experienced Beret. All the other “special” cosmetics are given by Nelson (Nelson’s Outfit, BattlEye Mask, fr34kyn01535’s RocketMod Shirt, Mod T-Shirt, Twitch Shirt, Screenshot Contest Sweater, White Hat and Debugger’s Beret)

Anyways, it would be too easy to get the cosmetics you suggest. Isn’t it better to get something special after doing some important than earning a shirt after winning 3 arena matches ?

I agree with everything you say I was merely using them as an example for the berets

maybe getting the country jerseys for each “welcome to X” achievement get.
i.e. joined greece, get greek jersey
joined pei, get canadian jersey