Game Breaking Bug with Player's Joining a Server When Vehicle is Out of Render Distance

When a player connects to a server when a vehicle is out of his render distance it creates a ton of game breaking bugs.


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Thanks for the detailed video! I believe there are a few issues at play here:

  1. Network relevancy is not updating properly for the denizens and vehicle. Perhaps related to Unturned’s usage of the replication graph and recent changes to that. Once corrected the vehicles and characters should be destroyed and spawned when appropriate. Will investigate / fix for the next update.

  2. Vehicle physics getting out of sync. These should be getting corrections from the server, but something must have broken sometime in the past ~8 months. Will investigate / fix for the next update.

  3. Ballistic hits are not being verified server-side. The impact sparks are playing regardless of distance because the server is relaying the hit information, but is not validating whether the hit made sense. Implementing this should be fairly straightforward however, and thanks to the network having a lot more information (e.g. velocity) compared to 3.0 it should be more reliable. I’m not sure when I’ll work on this though since it ties into some other weapon changes.


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