Game Object Error when using map bundles

No other posts off and on site worked, so I’m creating this.

I’m trying to create custom notes and have them bundled with the map.

I have my note stored here:
C:\Program Files Unturned\Maps\TestMap\Bundles\Objects\Medium\Furniture\Note_0
The English.dat looks like this:

Name Note_Test_like_idk_54

Interactability_Text_Line_0 L0
Interactability_Text_Line_1 L1
Interactability_Text_Line_2 L2
Interactability_Text_Line_3 L3
Interactability_Text_Line_4 L4

The Note_0.dat looks like this:

GUID cb07fa2a77b24ce9a226b714bbea1b1e
Type Small
ID 10000

Interactability Note
Interactability_Hint Use
Interactability_Text_Lines 5

Asset_Bundle_Version 2
Bundle_Override_Path /Objects/Medium/Furniture/Note

Has_Clip_Prefab false

Finally, the relevant error log info looks like this:

[2024-06-15 07:20:49] Unable to find master bundle override '' for 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Maps\TestMap\Bundles\Objects\Medium\Furniture\Note_0\Note_0.dat'
[2024-06-15 07:20:49] (Object) Note_0 [10000]: missing "Object" GameObject

Custom notes and a map’s Bundles folder are causing a GameObject error, that nothing tried before fixed

The issue is that you haven’t set the Master_Bundle_Override property (or more accurately, you set it to an empty string). It should be the name of the masterbundle. For example: core.masterbundle would be the vanilla files.

:+1: Worked like a charm

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