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Now, I’m a pretty terrible game dev - aka I’ve never actually made a game b4. But I would really love to see a game where you have to live with the consequences of your skill and mistakes, where you don’t respawn and you can’t usually retry stuff. So, for example, if you don’t save your friend, HE DIES, and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

Let me know of any actual games made in this style - I’d love to see them!

Otherwise, what do you guys think I could make this in? Like maybe a simple version in Twine?

So…a permadeath RPG?

Sounds interesting but I can’t really tell you where to start.

If you want to create a 2d game, start with unity, or Unreal for 3d (unity works too), so you wont have to learn everyhing from scratch if you want to create a more professional game. I think you have to learn more about A.I, cause they will be the core of your game. Characters or ambient do different thing and have different reactions according to your actions. Tell us more about how you want your game to work, the art style, etc.

What happens when you die? The game shuts down and you no longer own the game? Because it can still count as a retry if someone buys the game again

He means you can not restart from scratch.

Mind explaining how that works cuz i didnt understand yet

So just a campaign-style roguelike…

but multiplayer?

basically you get kicked from the server and can never rejoin it.

But he’s talking about a full game with this mechanic, not just a server.
Singleplayer will be questionable
And Multiplayer will be an ass because a friend is too stupid to aim and shoot now we can’t play together on the same server anymore

So, here’s an example. You know how in Unturned, you have “survivors”? Each new guy is technically a new guy, and has new skills, etc. Now imagine that you move that to a more RPG / Single-player campaign style MGSV kinda game. Or actually, think of a boss fight in Resident Evil 4. If you don’t press the right button fast enough, you get injured, you die, or your friend dies, but in my idea, you can’t respawn as that same character, and neither can that friend respawn. You have to carve out a whole new life each time you die…if that makes sense.

Now, my first problem is that for less experienced players, it might make a kindof a bloodbath, like that platformer that looks like SMB but you have like 1000000000 guys and when one gets impaled the next guy can climb on his dead body?

And I was’t really thinking of multiplayer, but I suppose it could be an option.

So, basically a roguelike/permadeath game.

If you’re unaware of either of those genres search up some famous examples like FTL, or NEO Scavenger, or Rogue Legacy.

Running With Rifles also does a thing where if you die out on the battlefield your character technically dies, but you then gain control of another soldier that carries your military ranking onwards. Obviously gear and inventory is lost, and your rank takes a hit with every death, so in a sense it is what you’re describing.

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