Game Suggestion: Teleport Command to last death point

Hi everyone,
i think Unturned is great, has a lot of needed commands, but one thing sucks:
Theres NO Teleport Command to teleport yourself to your last death point.
Suggestion for the Command:
/teleport death {Playername}
/teleport deathpoint {Playername}

I really don’t see how this is a big issue with the size of maps and location distance from each other taken into account. It seems more like a Rocketmod command, and that’s pretty hated nowadays.


I wouldn’t agree with this because if you died from being shot, you can simply respawn back and get your stuff, kill the guy, take his stuff, while taking his stuff, he respawns on top of you and kills you and it’s a nonstop cycle of killing and death on the same plain of grass

Yeah well don’t play on a server where everyone has admin permissions.


There’s a rocket command for this. It’s callled /back


he means on singleplayer if you go afk, then you die from dehydration of something, would be useful on large maps where you cant remember where you died, ect.

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If you go AFK in singleplayer just pause the game at that point, to be honest. :I

Decent in concept, I guess? But quite redundant in Unturned 3 when RocketMod does this and waypoints do this. And, although not really a legitimate solution, if you’re playing with cheats on singleplayer then you could just spawn your stuff. Or, disable losing items on death if you’re just going to teleport back instantly for it anyways.


You can literally pause the game in SP by pressing Escape.

yeah yeah I know, I was just saying pal, sometimes people forget to pause it and they seriously have trouble getting back if they die

Well if they’re having trouble pressing a single button, I wouldn’t recommend implementing an entire command as a “fix”.

Besides no matter how big the map is, if you play with cheats in SP you’re definitely smart enough to teleport to the nearest map location or spawn a vehicle.