Gas can/pump animations

i think that it would be awesome if there were two types of animations for filling up a car with gas directly or with a gas can. for the pump, i think it would be cool if there were two types of animations, one where you are slow and stealthy, and one where you are fast but noisy. the slow one would have you take the gas pump and filled up your car slowly, then carefully puting the pump back, and the fast one would have you sort of smacking the pump to rush it, and throwing the handheld pump to the side causing a load clank on the ground that attracts zombies. the gas can would be the most stealthy form of refueling because of how fast it would fill up. there would be an animation where your character takes the gas pump, and slowly fills the can. for filling the car, i think having a 5 second animation of you opening and filling the tank would be cool to have as well. that’s all i got, i’m open for feedback on the idea, thanks!


This is interesting.

Although I think siphoning fuel out via hose/tube would be far more stealthy than pouring fuel into the tank from a gas can.


As now now in 3.0, refueling can somewhat attracted some nearby zombies, having a slow-cartoonish stealthy option and hasty clumsy earraping option would be nice.

As of controls however… you figure that out.


This could work but the controls would be wild like @anon36099209 said

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Could also work for other animations, such as opening doors.

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