Gas Mask/Biohazard Hood vision

What do you think about reducing the vision of the player when he uses these items ? Something similar to the binoculars vision for example.


Nice idea Agreed

Good Idea, I like it.

Would be cool if you could see the mask first person. Similar to when you put on a gasmask in bf1.


I’d love to see this. maybe with a grayish tint to everything in game?

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what if snow googles were added? maybe they could provide better vision in the snow but would limit vision with an orange tint.


I love this idea, would be something really awesome to be implemented

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Yeah, I love the idea of that. I would love to see this in a close update or at least in 4.0.

That would be a great idea, making so people will actually only put it on when needed, and not just have it on all the time. I feel like like biohazard’s hood should be less view-obstructing, since the viewport on the model is larger than the gasmask’s. To counteract that being “OP”, biohazard hood should require the whole suit to stop deadzone radiation again.


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Problem is it would likely be like with the berries where you just go third person to ignore the effects on vision, so we need a way for third person to be affected as well.

A very thick green fog in 3rd person so the only way to see through it would be to go into 1st and experience the black and white effect.

yeah that works

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There may be ways to possibly remove the fog in the game files though making it useless.

Idea, how about, when you wear something vision-obstructing like a Gas Mask, you won’t be able to switch into third person. As an incentive to take it off, and it makes combat around Deadzones more interesting.

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that necro RIP

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