Gasmask Bug

Hi, I noticed a bug where the gasmask would not appear in the nearby item window in the inventory even thought it was right in front on the ground. It is not limited to the angle or surface that I took the screenshots on, I have noticed it in other areas too.

weird, but I doubt it’s strickly Gasmask related, can you replicate it?

Hmmmm I think it’s just outside the reach of that . Though TBH, the inventory picking up thing is super finicky. Sometimes it won’t show items right next to you. I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think it’s fixable in 3s state

Actually this happend to me a couple of times, test if you want to verify. I don’t know if this happends all the times (too lazy to do some tests now) but I can confirm that more then once it happend to me aswell.

this happens to me, as well. idk if its a bug, technically speaking

Happens to me on occasion.

Typically when it’s exposed to some wierd geometry it seems to happen, alongside primarily clipping into objects.

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