Gear - Makeshift / Pvp-esque?

Hey so here’s a vote for you guys:

Would you rather see the current types of weapons and gear available in 4.x? Like 30+ ARs, Tons of SMGs, Rocket launchers, Crazy snipers.


Would you want to see VERY low spawns of these (really low) and most of the game you’d have to craft your own makeshift weapons and mods to them and mostly rely on melee/bows, etc.?

  • Current gear
  • Makeshift gear

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Personally I don’t like so many guns and top notch gear as it strayed 3.x away from its survival themed gameplay more into pvp and I fear that 4.x would have the same fate if we don’t choose the more survival-y option here being makeshift gear, considering 4.x is going to be heavily focused on survival and not pvp.


We totally could have a large variety of guns and high tier weapons, but we could easily limit their effectiveness via a variety of variables, such as ammunition scarcity.

That said we need a vastly expanded low tier. If there was a both option I would’ve voted for it.


I think 4.X is already on the rights track. The gunplay in 3.X was lackluster, but the solution isn’t guns made of scrap metal.


Haveing like 30 diff guns, and making them all spawn very rarley would actually make it easier for a makeshift approach, because of different magazine types.

Id love to see a genuine tier of guns and armor instead of an awkward civilian, military and then good guns, could fit makeshift in as a way for people to craft guns, and ones that can hold up to normal guns in late game.

you can tell the people who chose current gear like pvp XD

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I’d like to keep the same types of gear we can find, but make it a lot harder to maintain and find.

Remember Canada, where everyone made makeshift stuff?

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The glory days, where finding even a Hawkhound made you a god. You could literally feel the power surging through your hands. I honestly really enjoyed that progression.


Going from current gear to makeshift gear won’t change the game into a survival focused game.
Just look at Rust for example.

I like the idea of makeshift tools, but not weapons.
So I would not be an advocate for makeshift weapons.

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