GeForce NOW™ compatibility for Unturned II

It is possible that Unturned 2 becomes compatible with Geforce now or the decision does not belong to Nelson, or Nelson cannot because the game is not yet released?


What do you mean? Geforce is a graphics card line. Do you mean Nvidia? Or Rtx? UII is already rtx compatible.

Geforce now is actually a could gaming service XD


If Nelson respects his engagement it will be better for you to download the game rather than use wifi to play it on Geforce now.

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I want to play unturned on the phone whit the gamepad because unturned 2 has controller suport


GeForce Now is a game streaming service that Nvidia has been working on for a while now as a competitor to services like Google Stadia, Xbox XCloud or whatever, and other game streaming services


It’d be interesting if it got on GeForce Now as an alternative to playing on Steam. Nelson may be able to bring in a different audience if he can pull that off.

Since this is about GeForce Now though, is it any good? My biggest concern with game streaming is poor latency.

Checked it out and apparently Unturned is on there already so it may be likely for us to get it there.

Oh. WTH did the name it after their graphics card line?

NVIDIA (exists) --> NVIDIA (asks SDG) --> SDG (exists) --> SDG (approves/declines)

Hence, Unturned is available on GeForce NOW. Unturned II isn’t publicly available on Steam yet.


10/10 Explanation :smiley:


Yes it’s very good I tested it on european servers, the lantency is very small or unnoticiable, you can also use it for free whit an hour session so you can test it like that.

I mean its Nvidia isn’t it?I also think they got a console named Geforce or something similar.

Oo, yes. This would be really nice to have. I’m already playing a lot of unturned on Geforce Now. Having Unturned II there as well would be pretty epic too. I do think Unturned II will be there though as Unturned 3.0 already is on GeForce Now. We’ll just have to wait and see.

i mean it’s already a free game, you won’t be saving money by streaming it. You’ll just get a laggier game.

honestly I think game streaming services are stupid. Does anyone even really use them? what advantage is there to streaming games?
seems unneccessary and stupid

You could play on unsupported devices i think. Op said something about playing on a phone for epic kek

Primarily, there are two huge reasons that people would have to use game streaming services such as GeForce Now.

  • the ability to play on unsupported devices as mentioned previously. You could literally play any of your applicable Steam games on your phone if you really wanted - I’ve seen this done for everything from FTL to Elder Scrolls. Obviously this would apply to any of your devices that support the service (e.g. laptop, Mac, smart TV, etc), so it’s not just for screwing around on phones.

  • it brings accessible gaming to people who aren’t fortunate enough to have the $1500 gaming rig of their dreams and regularly suffer from low FPS. To you and others on the higher end it may seem pointless if you already have a good setup, but to most people I know this would basically be a godsend.

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In my area it pretty much would be used very little for most people. Internet isn’t fast enough to support the service unless you throw away any idea of resolution or quality.

Won’t it actually decrease fps though? Because you have to stream them rather than actually having the stuff.

I suppose it just depends on your internet connection, where I live internet is all really bad and doesn’t support streaming of any kind too well, so I don’t think it could really be used here.

You’re confusing FPS with the latency associated with game streaming.

GeForce Now accounts for the internet speed related problem in its minimum requirements, but also, is designed to a standard so that you can smoothly play 1080p games at 60 FPS. Therefore if you have decent internet it’s a more powerful option than a budget-tier gaming setup, though it is not without limitations.