Generator "bug/feature"

when you place generator and fill it all covered powerrequiered things start to work
if you then take the generator away from it’s reviously placed working radius by admin constracting tool and remove it the power dependant things will still work. but if you reenter map(single), retart server this effect will wear off for you but may function for others (not tested)

This is the case for all power and radius related, as well as limited placement items. (e.g: you can place a pump jack, move it into the sky if you wanted, and it would still function normally)

Then again it’s not that big of a deal since the only way to actually do it is by cheating.

did i say that it is a big deal? and since when having an admin capabiities is considered cheating of course if it is not used to spawn unlimitade items and vehicles?

Having the abilities to spawn in stuffs was considered as cheating already.

But cheating and hacking is a whole differented subject.

Also. Personally “bug” should only be used as an exploit in which non-admin players can perform.