Germany Aero Space complex. items falling through Floor at Rocket

Germany Aero Space Complex, The sort of open fence holes which are used as floor under &for the rocket in the aero space complex actually let items falls through them. a friend of mine died and all his items just fell down there. There was no posibility picking them up without possibly using admin mode. Could this please be fixed? (Newest version of unturned since the date of this post) :slightly_smiling_face:


Was it on a server? Then F. ask an admin I guess?
If you are just co op then spawn it back in and don’t die there.

I don’t think we can actually fix the map itself because I have no idea if it was made by somebody here, but we can at most offer solutions. Contact the server owner or administrators for other inquiries, here we can only give advice and temporary fixes to your ailments.

server, i think nelson should just fix this because its ruining gameplay

i was shown this site to report mapbugs, thats what im mostly wanting to show with this post

Ah, okay. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Hope you get your issue fixed.

How the fuck are you only getting 6 frames per second?

I used to play with someone from Venezuela who would get like 2 frames per second. They did not even have a graphics card.

Thats called a bad laptop lol

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