Germany items dissapearing glitch

Sorry for the quality and my steam name its elweondelabolsa123 if this its an actual glitch(to get that cool debug beret and stuff)

For what i think this was made of purpose because theres a void down in those rigs but yet its unfair what happened to me

backstory:i was once in my trade explorations for valuable items when i saw a mega boss i killed him close to these weird metal rigs and i didnt saw any items i was confused since the server was a semi vanilla of10x and nobody was in the same room only me,after that i realized about those metal rigs and tried to drop an object it dissapeared totally almost like erased it was long ago but just now i can get a video of it

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I mean there are ‘‘holes’’ through the ground, you said it yourself

More of a weird little feature than a bug, or simply overlooked by Nelson when he worked on the map.

i know my bro but man ive lost so much loot thanks to that since it was x10 loot thingy i couldve get a lot from that mega and i didnt get nothing for those rigs

Since it’s a 10x loot server it shouldn’t be that hard to recover from that loss.

Ahh yes Germany

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