Get Dirt Rally for free!



Thanks! We need more of these types of posts since I miss these sorta things.

You can already get dirt for free

dumb scammers


the game’s like 30 gig for like 8 tracks



I can’t say I was very impressed, but free game is free game. Though I think there are better games out there, do you think developers are worth checking out? I saw they have F1 and I wonder if it’s worth the investment.

DiRT Rally goes free frequently because no one liked it and considered it a downgrade from DiRT3. They have since made DiRT Rally 2.0, which is much better but costs money (it’s on sale rn tho)

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Don’t like Dirt Rally? Then go to the Epic Games Store and get Inside for free!

Adding onto this Celeste is now free!

Are these games really worth getting? I’m kind of lazy to get the ebic launcher

Inside is pretty cool

I was the same. Really just get it and get the free games every few weeks. Most of them are quite good and its worth it. I played the game I got for free a while ago on there and I really enjoyed it. I will come back to the others I got over the past year when I have time.

the epic launcher sucks ass
if you want free games just pirate them


gasping gasp was gasped

Pirating? Noooo. Free games? Surely you are mistaken. No one pirates anymore, nope, we are all honest souls here.

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brb pirating Unturned 3.0

Hey I have the perfect website for you

(links to shady af website)

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who the fuck cares about racing games

shits old and done as hell

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