Get we get an f for my mouse

I yeeted my fucking wire out. I broke it when doing that bane mission in borderlands 2. Pretty much unusable now, and I can’t find my other mouse.

In other news I can now close my attic(usually the metal bars get stuck), and I found this gay as bug that tried to bite my dog when she bit it.


Meka big F for yeeted mouse

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dude why are you wasting this perfectly good bug like seriously man that’s about 10 grams of protein right there


I just did that bane mission like 4 days ago. when i looked at the stats i was like: “cool, this is a pretty good gun” after that i tried to shoot some enemies that were running towards me. I pulled the trigger and i was like “wtf lol” then i tried to move and then i remembered the curse that everybody talks about probably meant this and after that i was like “are you fucking kidding me?” oh and rest in pieces mouse F


Rest in peace mouse… :rose:


I need a stressball. How was fighting those things though.

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the gun did a lot more damage that my current primary weapon but the movement speed curse was annoying as fuck so i just yeeted that gun straight out of my inventory. so good damage, accuracy was meh, fire rate was decent, sounds were annoying, the movement speed was pure hell. i only killed like 4 dudes with it and after that i threw it into the canyon near the location where you find the gun.

Exactly. Children in Africa could’ve eaten that beetle.

I completed that mission, got the Bane, fired two shots from it, and immediately sold it back to Marcus for the next unfortunate mercenary.

nice qual. what phone do u have?

K20 lg. I have hdr mode.

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That’s a cool looking bug, I hope you didn’t harm it.

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So the pin of the wire disconnected which pulled it forward, and destroyed one of the metal pins on the connector of the chip.

I just fucking fixed it. I just fucking fixed it. I just fucking fixed. Here the fuck I come

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Necromancy is bad.

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No, I mean the mouse was dead and you brought it back to life


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