Ghillie suits

we all know in 3.0 ghillie suits are made per map because every map has its unique color so the ghillie matches and hides the player wearing it but as we saw in the vehicle demo there will be seasons and each season will have its own color my suggestion is that the ghillie suit will change its colors depending on the season or the players will have to harvest the seasons environment updating their suit.

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How about one ghillie suit for each season?

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Nah the harvesting sounds way cooler mabe something like makeshift ghillie


Not going to lie, but that sounds “op”

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But made with like colors of every season so limited useablility and less durable

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I was about to suggest ghillies for different Seasons but someone beat me too it, since the weather system will be in place we need a variety so if it snows boom a white ghillie suit, hell even different ghillie netting for the seasons


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