GHJ's Layered Clothing Mod - public release!


Style like Nelson himself! This is my first major mod for Unturned, adding 32 vanilla-style variants (with more to come) of clothing into the game! I’d appreciate it a lot if you could check it out.

Props to Animatic and TGYDK for taking most of the showcasing imagery.


Also, no, I have not played Undertale. I’m not trying to look like Sans, I just really like blue




Wow I can finally cosplay in Unturned


Is this replace the vest or it’s entirely new slot for outer layer clothing?


I believe it just occupies the shirt slot.


One of those simple mods that I’d always like to have. Nice job :slight_smile:


Nice! Now you can look like a person who Flex by layering a black tee with a y̶e̶l̶l̶o̶w̶ golden parka.


A minor update for my mod will hit soon.

Commence Operation Noslen

  • Craft Burgundy Hoodies with a vanilla hoodie and…maple syrup (Canada intensifies)
  • Wear the hoodie as is or layer it with a shirt of any color!
  • Get all the benefits of the other layered clothing with all the fashion of the big boi himself



Note to self : Do not use maple syrup as a “Canadian grade dye” butt your knot canadaian No, you suppose to use blood of the innocents opposite hockey team instead of raw maple syrup.


The blood of the opposite hockey team

Nonsense! You’re supposed to have a beer with them after beating them to a pulp, whatever blood from there gets donated. The blood of clubbed seals on the other hand…

ID image coming Soon™️


sir i’m going to have to ask you to get off r/furry_irl


Shrug on them haters. I never went to reddit, only “refined deviantart”.


Nice!!! :smile: