Glass shattering when you crash hard enough

its great, but i feel its really hard to see the difference between glass and no glass


It’s definitely easy to hear the difference though.


Yup, i saw this in a Demo and i will like the glass from the car to be more shiny and/or little colored in blue and when you hit the car hard, the glass will broke in small pieces

IF glass does shatter though would you have to repair it, or would it be somewhat like Arma 3 where it slowly repairs itself?

it does shatter, (i got a key) i would prefer if you would have to manually replace it, but it being easy to find

It would be interesting if on lighter impacts the glass would get “frosted” instead of just flying out.


or when you get shot

I’m not sure how well spiderweb cracks would fit with the current pressurization system.

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