[Glitch & Exploit] [Multiplayer] Player respawn with full loot after relogging glitch

Here are the steps to recreate the glitch

  1. Go under some barricade or stairs while being in a crouch or prone position.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect.
  3. Respawns in one of the player spawns with all loot intact.

Why is this glitch relevant enough to report?
• Players can escape deadzone without doing a lot.
• Players can escape jail (roleplayer mode assuming no plugins involved.)
• Basically, any other reason to cheat the game.

If there are any workarounds or plugins or any settings I could use please forward it to me.
P.S. Anyone who comes in just to bash me about something I don’t know (which is the reason I’m posting this) will be ignored.

Additional note: I theorize its actually the game respawning the character because the player would have spawned in the middle of the said “barricade or stairs” and get stuck. Which I think its the right thing to do but now it’s being used for unintended purposes of glitching and cheating.


Hey Tamama,

Just to be clear, it re-spawns the player at one of the re-spawn points on the map for new spawns right? Not re-spawns the player nearby right?

You mean if it randomly re-spawns you to one of the player spawns (which new players spawn from)? If so yes. Im not sure if the system has a preference of which spawn it uses.

That was added to keep logging out and logging in from being used to phase through base walls.

It’s a solution that produces different but lesser problems.


I’m surprised to hear that is happening. It was fixed (from what I’ve seen and tested it was fixed) a while ago to where the only way players could log out and teleport away is if their log in spot was obstructed. When it was first implemented players could easily log out and teleport away, but it was fixed several weeks after the initial release. So I’m guessing it’s back again…When this is done how much leeway do the players have before they teleport to spawn? Typically if they log out under a table then they’ll relog in a prone position, same as when they exit. If they place a small buildable down and angle it into the table from underneath then I could see this happening. Currently I’m not sure how much more sensitive Nelson could make it so players wouldn’t teleport away. At this point I don’t think it’s going to be fixed because whatever triggers the player to teleport will become to sensitive and then we’d have people disconnecting next to walls and it thinking their spawn is obstructed and so on. I could be wrong but I’m usually pretty accurate, with one patch too far another exploit opens up. I think it’s best left the way it is.


so basically we should be happy that we can have this lesser problem and not risk anymore changes that might cause even bigger problems?

That’s not what I said.

I explained why it was added. I explained what it does. I was not suggesting against future changes. I was stating about the feature as of now.

oh ok, sorry if i assumed wrongly, but how do we bring more awareness to this issue since it doesn’t seem like anyone except myself cares since its interpreted as a minor issue like u said. Isnt it unfair that someone can just avoid a big chunk of the challenge just by using this glitch to escape?

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