Global Ban List (Vac + Battle Eye)

Hello, I would like to know if there is already a site / place where you can see Global Ban, either VAC by Unturned or BattleEye Ban List (I saw that it exists for other battleye games). If it does not exist, it would be interesting for owners of large and small servers, to analyze this list. Thank you.

Offtopic: Bug-Report and Feature-Request. Should they be created here or on Github? I’ve done some bug-reports on your github

pretty sure this has all the vac bans on record


kek 1

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Jokes on you I got a double ads first, I still watched the whole thing though

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holy shit got 3 people



Alright this time its the real link fr


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No way

it’s 40 year old dipper

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Why are the reply’s so off topic

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Been here long enough
@WARCORPtmyou have post number 3, you can’t roll with only one digit

As for OPÜ, how exactly would that help you?
I guess it could be done but basically nothing of value would be lost if that was not a thing.

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