Good value thinkpads?

So, some time ago I posted here something about my laptop and got some great advice, im selling it and I think I found a good deal now. I was searching for new laptops on my budget (Yes, I know I should sell it before look for options) and found some old but working thinkpads (I’m looking specially for thinkpads), But im not sure if they are worth it. the better ones are both T410s, 4GB Ram, 320/500gb non-ssd and I5s (maybe 2nd gen?) .

What are the downsides of those specs (they arent very detailed on the items) and on the models themselves? This was a quick post, but I can give more detail if I find some.

Keep on mind that eBay isnt an option, and im not on the USA.

Hey Joaquin,

You are looking for a suggestion for very old Thinkpad model laptops?

What are you going to use the Thinkpad’s for? What is your budget? Honestly while Lenovo Thinkpads are a bit beefy and durable, they aren’t good for gaming, really just good office type work.


Are you going to use it for gaming? The biggest downside is the hdd and because of that it will take 5 or so minutes to boot to windows.

The T410s come with either an i5-420M or and i5-440M according to Lenovo. Like said, the hard drive is going to be one of the biggest downsides. I personally haven’t had good experience with Lenovo (Y70-70 Touch from 2015) but I’ve been around some people who think they’re some of the best computers around.

There’s a decent age difference between mine and the ones you’re looking at along with the intended purposes, but from what I dealt with, the computer overall was built very decently (I dropped it on my desk once and dented the desk). Speakers were top-of-the-line, keyboard felt nice to use, generally stable and consistent performance. I ran into some major issues though. The laptop had a defective screen, very poor battery life (it is still close to original capacity after five years though), useless touch pad, failing hard drive, and insane cooling issues (90-100°C under a regular load).

Five years ago, you’d get a half-decent, half-nightmare laptop for $1200 from Lenovo’s gaming side of things. I’m not sure what the older Thinkpads would do but I’d research some common issues and defects if you’re set on buying one.

With the CPU, at best it’ll run between 2.4 and 3 GHz and it is a dual-core processor with four threads.

For memory, you won’t have a lot but you will have more than now, basic tasks will work but gaming performance will likely be on the poorer side (that’s ignoring the integrated graphics it comes with)

Storage isn’t amazing but for some people that’ll work. Do consider the fact that unless hard drive speed is specified, you’ll likely have a much slower 5400 RPM model if these T410s are cheaper models.

If you absolutely need an upgrade of any kind and the price is very decent, consider buying one. We don’t know what kind of prices they have but you’re looking at 10 year old computers here so you shouldn’t expect to get too much out of them. With the two laptops I’ve had in the past, both of them lasted maybe five years from the time they were bought to the time they became too weak to keep up with daily life (last laptop had near-complete loss of performance from overheating).

Overall, for a price unknown to us, you’re switching to a computer four years older than what you currently have for twice as much memory and according to Userbench, a CPU that theoretically has 2-3x better performance. If you want us to give any other opinions, consider throwing out the prices of the systems.

If your system takes 5 minutes to boot, windows you should take a hammer to it.
No post 2k PC should take that long to boot into windows, even from an HDD.

You’ve just been privileged enough to not know what truly slow computers are like.

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I have had my share of slow computers. Nothing, and I mean nothing, made after 2000 should take that long to boot into Windows.

Probably an issue with people using computers/laptops that originally only had 2 GB RAM (32-bit systems?) and then upgrading to Windows 10 during the free upgrade period.

Maybe there’s a lot of background operations going on due to stuff like anti-virus which should automatically boot on start-up (and in this day-and-age, a lot of people keep Steam and Discord as things that launch automatically).

I think “Fast Startup” is a default setting now too. Could switch it on/off and reboot each time as you do so. Your PC doesn’t actually shutdown when using fast startup.

get an ideapad 120s, it can run gta 5 at like 40 fps and it is like 250 australian dollarydoos

okay since I got some responses I wanted to answer all of them.
Before I do, I want to say Thank you. Sadly, my buyer turned out to be a scammer of some sort, and I almost fell for it. This means my budget is a lot less now and can’t get any laptops for now.
Im still going to use this advice the day I sell it.

As a replacement for my old laptop. Light gaming, google docs, discord, etc.
budget was around 200-216 dollars (I know, its a very small budget)

I found a SL410 that was cheap enough to get an SSD and install it, so HDD would not be a problem.

You mean my I7 PC? well, is not fully mine, it’s a family computer. I want to switch to something mine, something I can customize and use whenever I want. This does not mean I wont user the family computer, but that I will move most of my stuff from there, leaving only GPU-intensive games and programs that my laptop would not be able to run.
Prices were using all my budget, except for some other options that might not have been worth it.

I would, but I already said eBay isnt an option, meaning that very specific models arent available. I only found one, and it only had 2 gb of ram. Also, it has no trackpoint! that’s a major feature I want.

Again, thanks everyone! Once I get my budget ill come back and check for advice

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A laptop ?

I meant the laptop. I don’t know what kind of processor is in the desktop but a first-generation mobile i5 definitely wouldn’t outperform it. I believe the laptop you currently have has a dual-core Celeron processor in it.

Uh as the deity of craptops, I beg to differ

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image nipple mouse

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Sure, if you bog down your craptop with 20 different flavours of bloatware that start when you boot maybe.

I meant on software, I cant even have my own wallpaper

My goal isnt to outperform it, but to play my lower spec games so I dont totally need the family pc to play every game I own.
Also, I sold my dual-core celeron laptop already, cant believe I got offers so fast for a laptop that bad.

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