Got Banned Falsely/Update on prev. post


got banned falsely for cheating nearly a year ago, and ever since then i’ve been trying, trying, and trying again to reach out to any support, forums, battleye itself, etc, and i just want to be unbanned, i miss the game, and i even bought stuff on it, riddle me this, why would a cheater buy things? it makes no sense, and this is my side of the story; one day i was gonna play unturned with my best friend and his friend, got on, joined their server, played for a bit, got some gear, and they invited me to their group so pvp would be disabled between us, and i left the game to join the group, then joined back, i got stuck on the loading screen and they both told me over voice chat on Discord, that i got banned, i checked my steam profile and was horrified to find i was, in fact, banned. i never had, wanted, or even thought about using cheats, and i just want to go back to the times of playing this game with my friends, building big bases, raiding big bases, and just having fun overall. while i have no proof that i wasn’t cheating, i just hope someone believes me, heres my steam profile if you want to see it.


If you were banned by BattlEye, then BattlEye is the only one that can can change that, not anyone who frequents, or even runs these forums.


I’ve tried contacting battleye but seeing as i have no physical proof i wasn’t cheating (how do you actually get proof you didn’t cheat?) i never got any responses.


BattlEye rarely false bans, and if it does its most likely for EVERYONE and not a single person. There’s nothing you can do about it.


great. so basically im falsely banned forever and theres nothing i can do about it.


Or you were correctly banned. Battle eye also bans you if you previously used cheats


never did, never was gonna.


I’ve seen dozens and dozens of aimbotters with Australium weapons during my time as a TF2 server owner. Not too uncommon for cheaters to try and leverage the 'why would a cheater/alt have expensive stuff’s card as a last resort to avoid bans.


Look at these boi’s, blatently cheating, but they have items:


Nothing anyone can do about it bud, regardless of your story.

I’ll just lock this as per usual with all ‘False ban’ posts