Got trapped?


Hello, so I went and did the Soulcrystal achievement, however there are two things I need help with.

First of all: After I’ve gotten the achievement I thought I wanted to revisit that place, so I first relogged the world in case something happens ( such as crash ) and then redid the beacon part. After I finished the beacon I didn’t go back to that place. Is there a way to go back to that place?

Second: After I finished beacon I’ve realised I’m trapped in there, I’ve tried using the keyword, but without success. I don’t know how, or why but the secret door was for some reason closed and trapped me there (I did use cheats, but cheats shouldn’t be essentially needed), is there another way for me to get out than just teleporting?


You’re stuck because the door only opens at night.

The beacon isn’t relevant to the soulcrystal. All you’re supposed to do is kill 20 zombies close enough to the crystal that their souls (red in color) can be pulled into it. The beacon just makes it easier.


Alright, thanks.


Wait, wasn’t it at full moon only?
Cuz that’s what i remember


No, it’s not that specific. It just has to be at night.