Graphics Bug

When I launch the game, it begins to load my workshop add-ons but the screen is black the entire time with few green pixels, and when the loading bar disappears the screen stays black only showing my FPS counter at the top of the screen. I’m on a Toshiba Laptop with a 2.6 Intel i3 processor and Intel HD Graphics. Any suggestions?

The game used to run fine on my old laptop, which had specs that were much, much worse than the laptop I have now

Disable all mods and then try.

Thanks man, I realized that may have been the problem after reading what I wrote to myself, runs perfectly now

Never mind, it ran smoothly first try, but after restarting it I ran into the same problems, I’m gonna factory reset this pc, it’s gone to hell and back it seems

After the factory reset it still wont load, I’m thinking it may be because I have Windows 7 but the min requirements say windows 7 so not really sure what to do