Grass is not working

no matter what i do , grass on my map is not working . it won’t apper when i paint it nor when i bake it
everything else works fine .

this may sound stupid to ask, but is grass on in your graphics settings?

yes that’s the first thing I checked.

Do you have a foliage asset selected? What are your brush settings set to? Is it only an issue with a specific foliage asset, or several of them?

Yes,Everything except grass works fine ,and it’s only not working on map im making

none of grass assets work on this specific map

Are you talking about the ground textures? If so you have to change what height the texture that is showing up instead of your desired texture spawns at.

no i’m talking about foliage grass .
the one that can be painted and baked.

So, i fixed it . I made new larger map and copied files from old map , and it works

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