Grass quality and graphics

One thing I have noticed from the Unturned 4.0 beta is, just like in 3.0, you can turn off grass altogether and have a completly flat surface everywhere. If it isnt planned, I would suggest to change this feature, because then there would be the same problem as 3.0, where you have to eather pick nice and good looking graphics, or a significant multiplayer advantige. Removing grass in 3.0 made ghillie suits unviable and proning to stay undetected impossible. You could also easily see where in the “grass” items are. Thats why I would suggest to not allow to completly remove grass, or atleast change the system somehow.


I agree whit you the grass is advantage in pvp if is disabled but not all the computer all able to run so the system should be rework a little bit like some small zones where the grass is obligatory whit out droping the fps rate to much but also at least we got the bush what cant be disabled .But Nelson showed as a demo so we dont know about the first alpha look.

I understand people with lower end pcs, but then the system should be somehow changed, but not be able to entierly remove the grass.

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Grass is a big problem when there’s several lightining spots on the scene. Forward Redering should improve performance quite a bit in this case, Nelson should have a look at this:
How Disc Jam Reached 60 fps on Intel Processor Graphics using Unreal Engine 4
They reached a good performance on low-spec devices, while still having a good graphical fidelity to the deferred version, and the players can choose between both.

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I agree a 100%. Grass is something that should be in the game at all times, as it gives players another tool to use and play with. And for the people who complain about performance, having all your graphics set to low (except unchangable grass foliage). is unrealisticly bad, i dont think your computer would be as bad as to not be able to play without the option of changing foliage. We live in 2018 and if you still play on a cardboard from 2005 then that’s honestly your problem. (in my opinion)

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But a big part of unturned players dont have computers enough powerful to run unturned 3 at decent level of fps on the lowest graphics settings .

You don’t need a setttings option when you have config files and startup console command.

You can go to Engine.ini file and paste in this:

I have used this method to lower settings below minimum in several games.

A way to prevent it is by checking when the game starts if these values are set to 0 and set them to “minimum acceptable”.

Unturned 3.x is horrible in performance, it is not the computer’s fault. Hopefully this won’t be an issue in UII

I said suggested an option to not allow it, then you critize it? But make the same suggestion?

I said that not having an option in the settings won’t prevent people from doing that. I also suggested a fix to prevent people from doing that.

It has been stated that if you can run unturned 3 at decent graphics well, you will be able to run unturned 2. This has remained true. I agree with forcing foliage on because in my testing it impacted my fps super minimally. (5 or 10 from no grass to epic grass) Forward rendering is not a good idea, and will not be implemented as it creates an ungodly amount of problems later down the road, which is stated on the trello. If you are really using 5 year old integrated graphics and expecting to be able to run a 2018 game, thats not the games fault.

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Like what? The only thing you need its time, because you have to recompile all the shaders, nothing more. And with forward rendering you have more fps, best transparent materials and msaa, the only anti aliasing that actually works. Forward is being used in almost every vr game, it is a “new thing” in unreal, optimized and polished.

“Allow configuring as much as possible, but not fundamentally different options like the forward/deferred rendering option in 3 which is a nightmare to maintain.”

I may have gotten it backwards whoops

Is a nightmare to maintain means that he has to recompile all the shaders of everything every time he packages a new build, not that it creates an “ungodly” amount of problems. The other cons are that you cant have things like post proccess fx, like ssao or anything based on screen space.

I agree but players who play single player should be able to disable grass

Even thought it is a minor performance change, if a player wants to use it in singleplayer it doesnt harm anybody so why not.

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