Gravity and weight system for bases

The idea of gravity for bases should be implementet to stop players from stacking plates and pipes to get on bases or build bases in the air. The other idea is a weight system so that if you for example you want your base made out of wood to have a fourth floor but the first floor cannot hold the weight anymore. Meaning that if you built it the base would collapse in its self after a few minutes to encounter it from collapsing you can switch out the first floor with stronger things like stone concrete metal or support beams.


i do agree with the sky bases problem but the weight is too much, it will be much harder to make (for nelson) and players should not think about that when it comes to building a base (its too much)

If the base collapsing mechanic is too much then maybe just a simple “This structure cannot support anymore weight” and you cant place anything.
I kinda like the base collapsing idea so i dont have anything against it if that system will be in the game.


Makes me think of 7 Days to Die. Especially the buildings where the roof collapses if you jump on it.

Ok but we need remember. Bases are places to stock itens, vehicles and more important Loot. they need be safe and resistent places if you want to remove the skybases and obrigate peoples to build in floor (thing than i am favor) bases need be strong and need be hard to destroy as much is to build.

And we need solve the problem of pieces of base floating after being destroyed.

The sky base problem is easily solved if Nelson added basic structural integrity. Roof platforms (or should you say, multi-flooring) that do not have at least 2 pillars supporting it below will destroy itself and everything built on it (Except pillars stacked below another pillar).

Or however it works that should prevent floating platforms to exist.


Floating bases could still exist, they’d just require some floating platform structure thing, it would have to be pretty expensive to make though in order to make floating bases rarer.

no, thanks! The idea in unturned is not make a survival Scyfy game with zombies and bases floating.

Perhaps the true endgame goal will be to attach massive propellers to the side f your base and make the shield helicarrier.

Or make a blimp in the shape of Garfield’s head, with a base shaped like lasagna on the bottom.


no…just no

Which are you responding too? The post, or my sarcastic response?

I believe that this could be a fun option to have for the game. For more serious/competitive servers they could enable base stability systems. (On by default.)

For creative/screw-around servers you can still toggle the system off.


Honestly I would just love to see better physics and terrain/building/vehicle destruction at this point…

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