Great Hero J T-Pose Template

Just wanted to share this picture of the Great Hero himself, J. I have big plans so expect someone else like tehswordninja, MoltonMontro, etc to be created. Here’s Great Hero J t-posing for memes.

Another template but without the bag & with glasses:


where are his glasses

I forgot that, might add it soon but without the t-pose though
because we know that the t-pose meme is irelevant

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inb4 “I CaN I geT OnE”

but ya know while we are here can i get one?

which? the glasses version?

i am legally entitled to one as a big dick regular™

Guys check this one out. It has the glasses needed:

Wow, this is just so EPIC. I cant wait to epicly make some dank memes with this epic meme template! What a wacky and zany individual this person must be. LOL (Laugh Out Loud!) Dank Memery… DEAL WITH IT!!! (its because i have SWAG like this EPIC MEMER!!)

I like your name

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