Greatest ban appeal of all time (to UO discord)

Yeah I got banned about 2 years ago for a myriad of reasons which basically all meant I was toxic.
It was all 2 years ago, I have grown, sorry for being a nuisance. :slight_smile:

Discord name: Sherlock Golds#3066
Discord ID: 307897330189860865

The moderator who was responsible for your ban has rejected your appeal.
Sorry for the bad news.

This is not how the appeal process works. The appeal has not been rejected or accepted yet as it is still under review by the moderation team.

Danaby just being funny.

I have started a vote and will get back to you when we get a result.

yarrrr banned me and didn’t he completely leave the Unturned community? Also I’m pretty sure that it was a mod vote that banned me and not him specifically

Aight thanks

Yes, the decision was made collectively by the whole staff.

Damn well good luck to me then


The appeal has been accepted. Welcome back.


Appeal accepted.