Grenades breaking legs

Personally I think the ability for grenades to break peoples legs would be a very cool aspect to the game. This could bring to life more interesting situations that could occur within gameplay. This would also be a very unique aspect to the game because from my research I haven’t seen any other games with a feature like this. A feature such as this will not be one sided towards to PvP players of Unturned, but it will also benefit the RP players of the game.

Everyone please let me know what you think of this idea! :smiley:


Yes but not just grenade all explosions and rounds entering legs should have a chance to break your leg.

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I agree that explosions should break bones, but it would be extremely annoying and frustrating to break your leg in a shootout.


Not to sure about the bullets breaking legs tbh because that would be very annoying

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Frags would basically annihilate them as is, no need to worry about your bones breaking if you bleed out in minutes. Bones breaking is a neat idea but imho you could easily restrict that to “jut” fall damage and just work with other forms of movement penalties in PvP (heightened pulse and breathing -> gunshake, bigger CoF, moving more -> bleeding out faster, blood loss > narrows field of vision & grey scale and so on)

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That’s would be so annoying

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femur breaker in unturned II

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