Groups in 4.0 griefing and lockers suggestions

Groups are formed naturally by players to have advantage about other players. Dont have any wrong with this correct?!
In general I already went “captain” of a zurg clan in unturned (fkng 8 players in one base) and the advantages are.

  • You capture + loot
  • You domain the server more easy
  • You have numeric advantage
  • You have the friendship position in minimap and in your screen
  • You have friendly fire off

The counter things…

  • Is hard work together (8 microfones in same time really is hard understand)

because this i go propose things to change in quest of groups.

  • my first suggestion are use the counter things, counter advantages (turn on friedly fire, remove helps on call! make bad groups kill yourselfs in combat.

  • Second suggestion add body colision to difficulty the life in defensive position.

  • third thing add a style of wardrobe (view in griefing)

About griefing.

  • I have a litle radical sugestion to solve this and control groups add a style of wardrobe his cover a area turning all in this area private, itens without wardrobe clain turn your itens publics to pick or liable to zombies destroy detail this wardrobe are configurated by administrator on server to have max players using at same time!

About Lockers and Chests

Is irritant the litle space in chests my olds clans needs of chests and more chests to put loot, please nelson add a system of weight on chests and remove the need it of space.

Can you please start categorizing your posts (including this one)? It really helps people like me understand what you’re talking about better.

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