GSLT requirement for unlisted Internet servers

Hey there,
A friend and I would play Unturned often several years back, and trying now to pick it back up we noticed the GSLT requirement for Internet servers.
Generating a GSLT requires sharing a phone number with Valve, which I’m not willing to do (definitely not to be able to host a server for a friend), and while I understand the need for GSLT the requirement seems unreasonable for an unlisted server with workshop content disabled. Unfortunately our current best bet is to set up a VPN server just so the friend can be considered in my LAN, but I was hoping there might be a simpler solution.

Anyone came across some way to do that?

There is not. Valve does not use the number for promotion of any kind. I can understand not wanting to give them that info but you are going to have to unless you want to keep using a VPN.

Surely that seems like a bug rather than a feature, no?
I don’t see how it helps for cases where the server is unlisted and with workshop content disabled.

No, it is not.

Neither do I, point still stands tho.

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