Guide: Making item icons

If you ever made item icons you know how hard it sometimes can be with you having only small camera preview that doesn’t even have right resolution. In this guide I will show you have to make it the easier and more comfortable way.

  • Firstly, lets start by putting your item in the scene, click on gameobject and add Camera to it

  • Now you will have to set right settings to your Camera component. Set Projection to Orthographic and change Size approximatly to your model size. Remember, the lower value of Size, the bigger will be Icon.

  • Optional - I would recommend changing Clear Flags option to Solid Color and changing Background color to your own preference. Adding Light component to your Icon gameobject would also make icon look closer to actual look in-game but it’s optional. If you decide to do it, simply copy Light component from Directional Light gameobject, that you will find in your scene hierarchy, and pasting it onto your Icon gameobject. Make sure you disable any other light sources if you’re doing this!

  • It’s time for camera preview. In top left corner, next to Scene tab there is Game window - grab and drag it until you it separates (look at picture)

  • Now you need to change camera aspect. Click on Free aspect in Game tab and click on little plus at the end of list. In the new window put name of your aspect, name it whatever, change Type to Aspect Ratio and change X and Y values to your item size in-game. For example, if your item Size_X is 2 and Sizy_Y is 3 then set X to 2 and Y to 3. And click OK

  • If you’ve done everything correctly you should have something like this - Icon preview on left, your item prefab on right. Now just rotate and move your Icon gameobject until you like how it looks

  • When you’re done with adjusting your Icon, go ahead and delete Camera and Light components from your Icon gameobject and save your Item prefab. In your item .dat file, set “Size_Z” value to the Size of Camera you used while making icon. I would also recommend putting “Use_Auto_Icon_Measurements false” in your item .dat file. It’s not necessary and most of the times you won’t see the difference but with some 3D icons it is required.

  • And you’re done, now just bundle your item and you have really cool item icon :3


thank you for making this

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