Gun Ballistics Ideas

Current 3.x State

In Unturned 3.x when your running you lose stamina which gives it’s disadvantage. After running when you ADS with a weapon your stamina loss has no effect. It’s very easy to shoot weapons after running, and jumping around.

Suggestions For 4.x

I think that in Unturned 4.x there should be much more of an effect when shooting a gun after losing stamina. Arma 3 has this system where after your running for a long time it takes a toll on your aim when shooting. I think Unturned 4.x should add this to stop players from running, jumping and then being able to shoot with no problem.


Reminds me of Insurgency’s system.
You run for too long and your ADS stability is drastically reduced.


I think this is good but it should be able to configure for servers/singleplayer so it wont end up as horrible as ArmA3s weight and stamina system (can only run 10 meters with AT kit before running out of breath)

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Such as config .json file settings in 3.0?

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Solid point,sick of seeing noobs jumping and running around like idiots to evade shots,and then headshoting you no problem,instead of taking cover.

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