Gun draw weight

(Draw is the time it takes you to pull out your gun) The heavier the gun, the slower you can draw the gun. Adding attachments will add more weight to your gun, but with this feature, you can still have a decent draw time without sacrificing tactility.(Custom definition: How tactical and practical something is.) In a game called Ground Branch you can slide your attachments on the rails. This could help balance the gun better so you have better recoil control and draw time. Having your gun front heavy will reduce vertical recoil, but slower draw time. Having a nice balance point will help you have decent recoil control, and decent draw time.

  • Suppressors will have add a lot of weight to the front of the gun. So you want to add some attachments close to the receiver if you want better draw time.

  • Grips, flashlights, and lasers will help you if you put them in the right spot. Changing the location of them within the gun UI in the inventory will tell you if it is front heavy, or just right.


I don’t think the game needs draw weight at all.

I have Ground Branch and I don’t think there is balance weight. Atleast from what I experience.

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I dislike the fact that finding or making attachments to improve your gun then makes it worse aswell.

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“i dislike evaluating pros and cons”


I dont think attachments should be heavy enough to have such an impact on the weapons weight

I think the whole thing is a con.

Basically, you’re slapping on attachments that are meant to upgrade your gun, but would only hinder your draw time and/or recoil control. And every combination will only increase draw time, considering the attachments added weight.

Or players can bring every attachment close to center-point with an open-ended attachment system like Ground Branch that Unturned II doesn’t have. Skipping out on being front heavy and now it is looking goofy. Basically the front heavy feature is nearly eliminated because of this.

I think that weight of every attachment on a gun affecting draw time is a dumb feature.
And I think that recoil control should be affected only by muzzle devices and barrel.

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Thank you. I agree with you on all your points that you’ve stated and I can relate it to my gaming experiences.

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If I find an attachment thats supossed to make my gun BETTER, I want it to be BETTER. I dont want my flashlight slowing my gun down

It’s called balance. If you want to fill your guns with attachments i think making them harder to draw makes sense. One big problem in U3 is most if not all attachments are just straight up good, you need them, everyone uses them. There’s no reason not to use them, when there should be. Giving players information and the ability to evaluate and choose is good, telling them “this thing makes your gun better go find one” just makes the game seem meta-ey. You no longer have choice, it’s clutter up your gun or be at a disadvantage. Gives plain ol’ pistols a use too, a quick drawing quick encounter weapon. So yeah, i like it.

Whats the point of searching and making attachments if make your guns worse. Some things are just made to IMPROVE. They are meant to be a simple PERK.

Should we also balance building materials. Metal is straight up good so should we make it so randomly during thunderstorms it would shock your entire base and kill you instantly?

The point is to find BETTER gear and be stronger and survive. The point of some things are be made stronger. Should we also add a delay when puttings item into military backpacks because they are straight up good? No, they are better than school backpacks

Attachments should not be “put this on with zero downsides and then forget about it” like they are in 3.0. This is a very good suggestion, because not only does it allow for attachments to be stronger, but also prevents them from being overpowered, allowing for more progression that plays into your playstyle. Do you like suppressive fire? Then put that 200 round drum on your gun, with the cost being longer reload time, equip time, and movement speed. Obviously the 200 round drum is good, but it doesn’t make the 30 round mag completely obsolete. On the other hand, there could be 10 round mags for the same gun, with faster equip move and reload speeds. The suggestion allows for different play styles.

I want to be able to saw off the stock and barrel of an AK, and run around like sonic with unusable recoil, and this suggestion allows for that. If you want boring completely linear 3.0 esque gun modding, then thats boring as hell.

The part with weight effects changing depending on where you put attachments is dumb though.


I take it back.
Recoil should be affected by muzzle devices, barrel, and stock.

And I think magazine size should affect reload speed. Definitely



Oh yeah i agree, that’s straying too far into realism is bad territory.

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Yeah, and gun attachments aren’t.

That’s not a debuff made for balancing, it’s a crappy instant death mechanic.

No, the point is to find the gear that suits you best and allows you to be at your best and highest potential.

See point 1.

That doesn’t make sense.

For storage, yes. For bulkiness? No. Hey, that gives me an idea, small movement speed debuff when wearing military backpacks!

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I’ve been reading the comments, and I will say this. Suppressor should be the only muzzle device that makes the gun front heavy. So you need to balance out your gun by adding attachments close to the receiver, on the hand guard. I’m gonna add to more of what rai said about mags. The more ammo that is in the mag, the heavier it is. The less ammo there is inside the mag, the lighter it is. This feature should only apply to extended mags, drum mags, and machine gun ammo boxes. In unturned 3, you can spray down someone easily with a 100 mag drum attached to a maple with a vertical grip. There is pretty much no recoil. So with the mag adding weight to the gun, it will decrease aim start and you drawing out the gun.

Vertical grips, sights, tac lights and lasers should not add weight, but just help set a balancing point for the gun.

How will a grip that reduces cooldown not fit anyones playstyle? And it doesnt make sense to give a slow debuff to backpack lmao. Backpacks are nothing. Should we just give everything a slow debuff and make people run 3 meters an hour.

Players that joined 1 hour ago are suppossed to have worse equipment than people who joined 3 months ago. A modden out guy should be objectively better than a gun you just found on the floor

What do you mean cooldown? It reduces recoil. With the current state of U3, and what you propose, it just makes the gun have less recoil and therefor if someone gets lucky and finds one, they’re simply better than you. Because they were lucky. Now, if that grip also makes it take longer to draw the gun, now they have a drawback you can take advantage of, to sneak up and attack quickly, rather than be at a static disadvantage at all times in any situation entirely due to, again, his luck.

Yes it does. You can either trade for higher capacity or faster speed.

You’ve never worn a full hiking bag like you’d see in-game before, have you?

Yeah, totally. Being shirtless should do something. Obviously you’re exaggerating, and it’d be closer to say, an absolute max of 50% movement debuff from wearing metal plates all over yourself. You can be a massive armored tank, a guy bursting with gear for every occasion, or a fast and barely noticeable sneak-thief. Or, with what you want, you just get all of the above and are better than everyone. On the other hand, you just spawned in and you see that guy. What do you? Nothing, you die with 0 chance of survival. See? Player choice over static advantages is good.

In some ways, like accuracy and recoil control, yeah. In others, no. In open world sandbox games like this, it’s never a good idea to give people straight up advantages over anyone else, especially with loot that’s all down to luck. There should always be something to weigh.

I can only see this for heavy weapons and items.

It would be cool to put ballast into the butt stock of a long range competition rifle to move the point of balance back and reduce scope sway or add weights to the barrel of quick shooting competition pistol to reduce vertical recoil, but these weights can only be added in specific positions and most attachments only have a minimal impact on the point of balance. I’d say that instead of calculating where attachments would shift the point of balance to and applying buffs and debuffs based on that, we should have those buffs and debuffs be inherent to the attachments. I think that:

  • Most attachments (or atleast heavy ones) should provide a debuff to equip speed regardless of where they’re attached.

    • Some attachments that directly influence the way a weapon is held or carried around (such as stocks, handguards, grips, carry handles, and slings) might provide buffs to equip speed.
  • No attachment should directly have a buff or debuff to movement speed

    • The weight of all the stuff youre carrying should cause movement debuffs regardless of whether any of those items are or aren’t attached to your equipped weapon.
  • Attachments that would move the point of balance toward the muzzle (such as barrel weights, muzzle devices, long barrels, and/or heavy barrels) should generally have buffs to vertical recoil control but debuffs to increase scope sway.

  • Attachments that move the point of balance rearward (like heavier buttstocks and drum magazines) should generally have buffs to scope sway, but debuffs to vertical recoil control.

  • Items with integral attachments should have comparable (though not necessarily identical) stats to other similar items.

    • An AR rifle with a carry handle upper receiver should have similar buffs and debuffs to an AR rifle with a flattop upper receiver and detachable carry handle.

    • A barrel with an integral muzzle device should have comparable buffs and debuffs to other similar length barrels with muzzle devices of that type and to other barrel and muzzle device combinations that offer a similar overall length.

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