A short rant about some of the suggestions here

Now, I know that people here want their features implemented to II eventually, and that’s great! Nelson is getting a lot of ideas, but some of them are flat out bad.

First subject, Fuel in Unturned II

This suggestion adds 13 different fuels, just for the sake of realism. Now, I know that variety in survival games can really immerse the player (For example, Project Zomboid has a lot of clutter items that just exist to fill the containers, to give the feeling of looting an actual house, even when most of these items don’t have a use) but having 13 different types of fuel JUST for the sake of realism is just annoying, I can assure you only 2 of these will be actually used and rest will be those items that you don’t loot at all.

Second subject, Food interferes with skills

This one sounds good, until you realize Unturned II will be a proper survival game, think Project Zomboid but 3D. Finding food is already hard enough, having to prepare special food is both unrealistic and borderline useless.

Third subject, What should happen when you die?

This suggestion wants to add a 1 hour respawn timer when you die for absolutely no reason. Remember, Unturned is a game that’s supposed to be fun, waiting a full hour just because you died isn’t exactly fun.

Fourth subject, Car starting methods

This suggestion also sounds great, until you realize stealing cars in Unturned II would be pretty overpowered. Right, look, in Project Zomboid even trying to steal a car is a massive risk, and most cars are overabundant. If you broke a window and the car had an alarm, well that’s your run over unless you take a good sprint away. Let’s say it didn’t, you need some skills to even try and hotwire the thing, and even if you did it’s still a car that makes noise, so it’s balanced. But in a more arcade-leaning game like Unturned II where there might not be as many cars, nothing will stop people from going around stealing other people’s cars if it doesn’t require either time or hardware.

Fifth subject, Female clothing and sizes

This, again, is having detail for the sake of having detail. Having different sizes of clothing doesn’t make the game fun, it just makes it annoying to find decent clothing since you have to find the specific clothing piece you were looking for AND the specific size you were looking for, for what, a slot or two more storage? I’d rather do what Zomboid did with build 41 and just have a lot of base clothing variety, instead of having 5 or so shirts with three different sizes.

Sixth subject, Gun draw weight

I don’t know where or how people are coming up with this shit, but this is again, having realism for the sake of realism.
At this point might as well suggest simulated bacteria.

Right, this is gonna be %100 biased, but before suggesting something, just think to yourself ‘‘Would this feature add anything to the game instead of just being another item people don’t loot?’’

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Am a bit busy atm, but will post a reply destroying your arguments soon, unless someone else does so sooner.

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All of these except for the first one were pretty controversial, with the third one basically being unanimously destroyed. Yes, bad/dubious suggestions can exist. Whats the dialogue you’re trying to start? Your final paragraph doesn’t seem to be addressing any of the topics you linked so I am confusion


Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, not what is gonna be added to the game.

I rather see this topic unneccessary, since you could just reply down these posts and share your opinion instead of having a thread this long just to explain the quote “Realism for the sake of realism” (which people are already aware of btw). It just doesn’t seem right to me. You are not explaining anything about making a good suggestion. I mean, look at this:

This is the entire summary of this topic. And it was repeated multiple times in the past.

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Uanimously destroyed? This would make a great optional gamemode

Keyword of course: optional. This would mimic a hardcore ganemode in unturned. and you can even have death be permanent.

A heavy gun should take longer to pull up. This is even implemented in 3.0

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tbf the original post of that thread was suggesting back and front heavy guns with the gun being front heavy giving different effects that it being back heavy. it’s apretty whack suggestion but a normal weight system is good


You have a fundamental misunderstanding of this post. The purpose was to give a comprehensive list of different fuels that could be added throughout the game’s various maps and updates, not to suggest that all of these fuels, (along with corresponding tools, generators, land vehicles, sea vehicles, air vehicles, and railroad vehicles for each,) should ever be added to any particular map.

Just because food won’t be such a laughably irrelevant issue as it was in 3.X doesn’t mean it’ll be impossible for a player to ever aquire enough food that they could choose whether to eat a candy bar to help provide energy for mental activity or a protein bar to help provide strength for physical activity. I didn’t particularly like the some of the specifics of anonimoanbu’s suggestions in that thread, but you’re just echoing some of the weakest criticisms on that thread.

Baseless assumptions you’re making about Unturned II or this suggestion for Unturned II that your argument is predicated on:

  1. Vehicles will be sparse
  2. It won’t take time to steal vehicles
  3. It won’t cause sound to steal vehicles
  4. It won’t require hardware to steal vehicles
  5. Vehicles won’t be upgradeable to resist or deter stealing

With the possibilities of far greater map sizes, more hands off map making tools, bullets hitting targets through vehicles (instead of having to destroy vehicles) and modular damage and upgrades to vehicles already being explored by Nelson, I would argue that it’s more reasonable to assume that vehicles will play a far larger role in Unturned II than in Unturned.
And how did you read this:

  1. Stealing, in order to steal a car you’d need to find some sort of equivalent to a stealy wheely, to picklock the car and hot wire it to steal, this tool hopefully would be rarer than the stealy wheely in 3.0.

And think it meant this:

The way Unturned II is coded, we can have base clothing variety and additional modifiers to base clothing items. The two are in no way mutually exclusive.

So the problem here is that you don’t understand where the inspiration came from or why it was suggested? Did you miss the part about Ground Branch? Is that even an argument? How does that (or any of the preceding points) support (what seems to be) your attempt at a main idea; that these posts you’ve singled out are bad because “realism for the sake of realism?”

If there’s problem with the forums, it surely falls more on low effort and thoughtless posts that suggest or criticize without having done even the barest of research, not with any of these posts I’ve defended here.

Oh, and about realism for the sake of realism, I’ve one thing to say: Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.


Aight, now that is pretty wack

The point of my fuel post was meant to highlight the options that are available, and then present them to the community with an included poll.

If you go through the poll results, you’ll see that the majority of people are for most, if not all varieties of fuel that I have suggested, even though personally I would have wanted just a single variety of fuel gas.

Suggestions aren’t suggestions for the game as much as they are concepts for ideas that could possibly be included, which the community then gives their opinion on. The reason why I put so many options in my posts isn’t realism for the sake of realism, it’s variety for the player or reader to choose from. Although you may not like the idea of different types of fuel existing in game, I guarantee you will find yourself in a situation where you need fuel for a fire and are mentally kicking yourself because furniture and paper cannot be burned because of your “realism for the sake of realism reeeeee” standpoint.

While I do understand where you are coming from, please do take a moment to think about my point of view, as I personally believe that it is better to implement a system that is never used than limit players to a small group of options. By allowing players options, you are giving them what is psychologically known as “the illusion of choice,” which works wonders when it comes to making people content.


An unplayed game mode then yes.
Hardcore single player, yes.
Hardcore multiplayer, no.

A one hour respawn timer would make even less sense for single player than on a dedicated server. Who’s going to leave their world running for an hour, when nobody can even play on it?

a general hardcore gamemode accessible by either singleplayer or multiplayer would be cool

hardcore as in death is permament, might be a poor idea on multiplayer but why prevent it entirely if it’s toggle-able on singleplayer?

I mean not with a respawn timer, but world reset option like Minecraft, I wouldn’t use it but other people would.

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gonna have to agree with Mercury on this one.

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