Food interferes with skills

In unturned II the skills will be granted with practice, if you want to have a bigger breath you will have to be running around, vitamins from the human diet will also be needed (although it has not been commented again), but what if food also helped in that? An example would be eggs and chicken that would help the player to have a higher level of strength over time, or red wine that is good for the heart etc, this would make some foods much more important giving more reasons to grow or hunted,well cooking pies, cakes, pizzas, and let’s be honest does anyone actually cook this in survival mode of Unturned 3,X?
These foods should do more than just end the character’s hunger.


Cool idea,but I personally think it’s just too much for Unturned.


I don’t think so, if stopping to think is very simple mechanics.
The vitamins part was cited on the wiki and in an old devlog if I’m not mistaken, but it was not mentioned again.

Well,I never was a game dev.,so I don’t know just how difficult it really is to implement.But if Nelson mentioned it,we’ll see i guess.

The suggestion of food helping skills was inspired by this, however Nelson did not mention it again, maybe he will replace it with something “easier”

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I don’t like the idea of specific food giving buffs/debuffs in a time frame. Sounds like Runescape PVP where players drink all their pots and use prayer skills, which is a MMORPG.

I prefer the alternative where wildlife is more abundant and food found in civilization is relatively scarce.


I like the idea but it should be balanced and quite simple if you ask me so that the game wont revolve around it and i thinj the buff shouldn’t be too big maybe something like 5-10% increse depending on the food and maybe there should be a debuff for having low hunger for quite some time
Maybe (i know , that is a lot of maybe’s)there should also be a food item that you would get from those excursions molt mentioned in the megapost that would help with the gaining of skills or maybe (i promise this is the last maybe)an item gained from the excursions should be the only one that would help with this.

The increase is not instantaneous, just a help that becomes noticeable over time, just like the new way of getting skills.
@Raieus and @Mr.Snowy,The increase in physical skills is only possible when combined with exercises in practice, the new way to achieve skills in unturned II will be so, the food added a little less time needed,You will not punch harder just by eating eggs and chicken.

So basically eating food will grant an XP bonus and stat increase/decrease. Sounds meh IMO.

I think the food should stay as a means to prevent starvation, since it is one of the factors that force players to move around the map.

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Even if you’re getting game and berries from the woods, rather than eggs and wine from the grocery store, buffs could still be applied to food.

Even if certain foods buff your ability to learn specific skills, that doesn’t mean that food in general couldn’t also keep you from starving.


@Raieus No, food helps you if you also exercise, run, practice, doing all these skills will increase faster, you can get the same skills without eating these foods but it will take longer, food no gets in the way of getting another skill .

I just prefer food not having an effect on learning specific skills or that it gives you additional accuracy or strength stat. I am fine with how the berries work in 3.x though.

I know. I did point that out it is an XP booster which I don’t like the idea of.

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But can you tell why? That would be a good mechanic giving more reasons for agriculture and trade between players,In addition to the increase of XP, is not something exaggerated, maybe 20% more.

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No one is or has been suggested this. OP already explained that he meant that foods would give buffs to learning skills they’re relevant to, but the skills would still need to be trained by actual practice.

I’m not a huge fan of this idea either, but it’s time to drop this straw man argument.

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My previous posts already answers this.

This implies that there is an exponential stat increase or buff.

I’m not straw manning. I’m just trying to explain my side of the idea.
If there is something that I misunderstood and pointed out he should have done so aswell.

His grammar isn’t good and I’m presenting my side to what I perceive he conveys.

Don’t blame me for grammar, blame the Google translator and my low English level :grin:.
A small buff will not ruin the game experience, but only shorten the time required to achieve the desired skill.

Good suggestion but I personally don’t like the idea

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