Car starting methods

Ok, this is short and sweet, 2 scenerios:

  1. Your cars battery has died, IF in singleplayer: You need to upgrade or build up your stamina (however nelson implements it) to a certian level in order to be able to push your car to minumum speed depending on the size of the car to be able to push start the engine.

If in multipler, you and your friend can together push the car easier and would both need lower stamina levels in order to push as the two forces from the players add up to the require stamina depending on the size of a vehicle, something like a truck would in my opinion need maybe 3 players with high stamina levels or 5 players with reletivaly low stamina to push start the car if the battery was low.

  1. Stealing, in order to steal a car you’d need to find some sort of equivalent to a stealy wheely, to picklock the car and hot wire it to steal, this tool hopefully would be rarer than the stealy wheely in 3.0.

Problem is with 4.0 you can break windows, hence, smash the window, climb in, hotwire the car and off you go, its a bit wierd but yeah, for armorered cars that wouldn’t be an issue.


Push starting only works with manual transmissions.

The inner workings of an automatic transmission results is very few of exceptions to this rule. Mostly has to do with fluid pressures can’t be built up high enough to force it into a gear.

Manuals are quite easy to roll start. That would be a good advantage for manual vehicles.


these ideas aint bad

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I’d like if jumper cables and trickle chargers were added. Would make charging cars at home easier and means that when you’re out of juice and your friend can come help out. As long as the alternator is in working condition and you’re not wasting electricity, the battery should never die provided the car is used often.

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I think this is too complex. I’d support better car physics and a better lockpicking mechanic, but that’s about it. Nelson isn’t very relictant to add complex mechanics into his games.

I still dont understand what you have against nelson , the guy made a great game all by himself for free and he is doing that again and he is making it better , he doesnt do complex mechanics in unturned II ? Did you see what he did with the cars? In my opinion that is quite complicated


There’s actually a lot that can be built off these concepts, so I’m just going to place a few of my own ideas here.

Regarding the pushing of a vehicle I feel like it is something that should not necessarily specifically tied to just push-starts. Assuming vehicles can be put into a Neutral gear (or at least manuals when there is no power to switch gears) at will by the player, then pushing vehicles can be a very neat mechanic that could be utilized in various ways. Ran out of gas? Get a friend (or just your sick muscles) to push it out of the way of others so you can find fuel before another player takes off with it. Dead battery? Try and get a push start (of course, probably should only work with manuals). In addition, I hope that vehicle physics will take gravity on land into account, so that cars can be pushed over the apex of a hill, with gravity doing the rest. It’d be neat to create a distraction in a zombie-infested city using a car rolling down a street after pushing it over a hill. Even better if you made yourself some sort of explosive to make it a car bomb at that point, though now I’m merely going off on a tangent, so I’ll move on from this point.

Considering vehicles are now going to have their own car keys, hot wiring definitely should play a big role in stealing cars. It also should be something that is not necessarily done manually, but rather an automatic function that has a chance to fail. To still give the players some control over it, I was thinking of a small QTE or mini-game thing (the first thing that came to mind was the generators in Dead By Daylight or something akin to that system). There should also be skills encompassing the hot wiring that makes it take less time and/or gives a smaller chance of failure.


I’ve always liked the lockpicking mechanic of Mafia 2, here’s a small clip of it.

The car shown is an economic, so it doesn’t have a very complex lock system. The amount of pins ranges from 2 to 6 depending on the purpose/price of the model.

This is bypassed in cabrios as you can simply vault over the door, can be an advantage for them if they ever get introduced in UII.

Honestly, I hope something like that can be applied to all kinds of lock-picking, not only cars. Alternatively, a Skyrim type system may work better for player-made locks (like craftable chests and cabinets, etc).

Yeah that kind of lock system would work well. It reminds me of another zombie game that was a side scroller but I can’t recall the name again…

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