Gun fire rate should be configurable to use float instead of byte

Simple as that. Make gun fire rate to use float variables instead of byte. The new auto description system measures fire rate in Rate Per Minute (RPM), but using byte limits the flexibility to use different RPMs and only allows certain fire rates to be used.

I don’t have to show it to prove it’s a minor issue, but I’ll do it just as a reference. If a gun’s fire rate is set to 4, for example, it is fixed to 600 RPM.

Otherwise, if you attempt to try to get it to 650 (in this case, I put 3.5 fire rate in dat), it is impossible since fire rate is measured in bytes. So this is the result.

Summing it up, RPM for some reason is measured correctly and accurately, but cannot be configured to many values due to using bytes instead of float. My personal solution: Either give fire rate config to use float instead, or make fire rate config to use proper RPM measurements.


I would rather have a ushort for fire rate in RPM, although the issue there would be deciding how to leave the old system unaffected.

Expanded options for fire rate and fire mode in general would be nice. Some of my projects have ideas that currently can only be done by crafting one gun into another, but there are drawbacks to that approach still. In addition to more flexible fire rate, these are three things I’d like to see:

  • Set fire rate for individual fire modes
    • The AN-94 has a two-round, 1800 RPM burst along with 600 RPM full-auto
  • Allow attachments to override fire rate and fire mode settings
    • The VP70 pistol gains the ability to fire in bursts when a stock is attached
  • Allow for multiple copies of fire modes, with different settings
    • Some guns like the BAR have a fire rate selector

Another suggestion along the same vein: The ability to have a per-shot recoil modifier tied to the selected fire mode. The previously mentioned AN-94:s two-round burst is supposed to fire both shots before the shooter feels the recoil from the first round. The first round should thus have negligible recoil, whereas the second should have approximately double that of a single regular shot. Another weapon which works like this is the G11, but it has a three-round burst instead (again, first two shots have almost no recoil, and the last has more or less triple that of a single shot).


This would really be nice to have, the current system is pretty limited

I like your idea, it is cool and all. But it is not crucial right now. If I understand correctly, Nelson has now finished rewriting UI in the main menu and has moved on to making the server browser more user-friendly. Then we have myriads of other things, such as vehicle physics (pls) and brick structures we still didn’t receive. At best this thing will be implemented about two and a half years later…

It’s not limited by the firerate datatype, rather by the server update rate. We don’t yet support firing multiple times per update, only once per update. This might be changed in the future but the first priority would be sorting out some of the inputs that update on a subset of server updates.


Are there plans to rework semi auto firing as well? Right now the fact that a semi auto gun with 1000 rpm is vastly slower than a full auto gun with 1000 rpm is pretty limiting.

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