Gun internals and shotgun idea

so this will be similar to a post i made a wile ago (i sued maple strike internals being put into a zube as a example that didn’t work sadly)
so gun internals first,
you shouldn’t be able to find a full working gun,
upper/lower receiver would maybe be missing
maybe the internals are missing
maybe the stock is gone too.
and u have to find the parts to the gun and u can switch
rifle military grade internals for other rifle military internals
and mili pistol internals with other mili pistol
same with ranger and civilian grade guns.
this would allow more customer options to customize guns.

so i think its save to guess shotguns will have a circle crosshair
so my idea is
have the bullet spread be completely random (within reason)
but have the CENTER of the spread be within the circle cross hair.

hope these are fair ideas

What? No! why? Why would you say this?


The latter part about the shotguns is, well, literally the basic premise of how shotguns work. It’s safe to say that’s already how it’s going to be. shoot misinterpreted that

Finding individual gun components has been very frequently suggested, and I support it.

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it would ad more chance what i meant by “completely random (within reason)” is that being close to the target is not going to be a near insta kill. the “(within reason)” part meant that to a certain extent
the bullets apart of the spread would be random to be exact the range would be about


this big

Has varying sizes based on what you’re viewing on and what settings you’re using, and spread is usually conical, so even if I could tell what size you were talking about, it would still be completely arbitrary without a given distance.

To do that you tweak rate of fire, damage per pellet, pellet per shot, possibly make the weapon harder to aim, not replace aiming with random chance.

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If you were to find a gun at all in the zombie apocalypse, I doubt it would be missing a barrel or internal parts…

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It’s very valid that people would strip gun components off of guns.

Especially in a post-apocalyptic world where people are killing each other just to fight over basic supplies.

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I think regardless of whether or not that’s true, I’d support guns missing parts just for gameplay reasons. Maybe it’d add to the gameplay, maybe it wouldn’t. :man_shrugging:


Only higher tier guns should be missing parts imo, and that’s just for balancing.

I really don’t get why a lot of people think in an apocalypse, firearms are just going to be found missing random parts. Guns don’t get taken apart often enough to be encountered like that. The most I could stand for would be a missing magazine for most of the weapons, but for more complex, end-game weapons, I’d be fine with them missing some parts.


And in addition: shotguns must fire further. They are not boomsticks, especially ones with longer barrels.


As said above, guns would most likely have most of their parts intact. Instead of having missing parts, a major part should be critically damaged, as if it was used and ditched (a possible situation this can be used in are guns in police and military blockades having parts on the verge of breaking while guns in homes and armories more likely to be in good condition).

Also, shotguns have a very small spread at close and short range and stays mostly consistent.

Of course this is only my opinion. Although this is just a game, I feel that it should have some realistic aspect to it.

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If it is far in te furture, gun parts would have corroded away, people could swap out parts for better ones, or they could have been warped due to improper storage. It all depends on how long after the apocalypse the setting takes place.


True, but I think it’s pretty obvious the game won’t be taking place that far after the apocalypse.

you never know when the game will take place

No we really do know. There’s been nothing to suggest it, from the trello nor any dev logs.

and there’s nothing that suggests its shortly after the outbreak
at best we have to wait and see (or im just blind/dumb)


There’s a potential overgrowth tho’.

Since players can find guns with random parts attached, I think its pretty reasonable a gun or two may be missing a stock, albeit rarely.

Then you have gun shops, where loose components aren’t that random anyways.

EDIT: Personally, I don’t think the game takes place so far in the future where “gun parts would have corroded away,” but it’s not that unreasonable in my opinion to rarely find a less-than-usable gun. Similarly players can find above-averagely-equipped guns anyways.


It doesn’t have to be hundreds of years after the apocalypse or whatever for guns to be in disrepair, especially if you’re getting them from a sunken submarine or they were salvaged from some abandoned Nazi warehouse.


i have one question…

Why the FUCK not?


It would add another barrier between freshspawns and geared players, rewarding players who play for a while on a server, against freshspawns who in 3 can just find a cobra and kill a full spec ops player in a second.

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