Gun jamming in 3.0?



" Update Notes

Added support for guns jamming. More details below."

how does this work, and are there any guns that use this system?
please tell me if you find out


No guns in the official game uses the Jamming. Nelson already described how it works.


i know he already described it, i meant more like how it would look in game


You basically reload


Todays Lesson, Audio Logs about Gun Jamming, with Pesky and Friends


Spebby: i need goon
Pesky: passes goon
Spebby: this goon is sticky
Pesky: eats a pb&j sandwich like boss
Pesky: don’t look at me i didn’t have a goon


mostly accurate, though i’m not so sure if your definition of friend matches mine.


Actually, the Cobra does. It just uses the reload animation to fix the jam tho.


Alright so heres some chinese from nelson that i hope supports your answer


Not really, that Cobra never spawns. It’s an example for modders to use.


Ahhh okay. Cool.