Gun recoil

Yes we all know that most weapons are laser beams (looking at you maple)
The ttk in this game is very very short and if they ambush you you die more then %70 of the time (well yes if they ambush you they should have a advantage but dying before you can even react is no fun).I dont think fpp isnt that bad but third person is just kinda broken.Maybe increasing the recoil a lil bit can help
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what kuwait did really well is that it has massive weapon recoil which truly does make it more interesting and hard to use so it honestly would be cool to see more guns with higher recoil

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I havent tried kuwait but ppl seem to likee the high recoil guns.

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The 2 things that I’ve seen work for recoil is mid/high recoil for full auto guns on Kuwait, and guns with random horizonal recoil similar to the nightraider. I think a lot of full auto guns in unturned rn could use a firerate nerf and a change in recoil, but not all insanely high recoil like the herstal from france.

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2.2.5 recoil was pretty solid. someone should launch a 2.2.5 server so we can compare and contrast the combat aspects of 2.0 and 3.0

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Part of the problem is also how much skills and attachments reduce recoil. Vertical grip just to name one, has 60% vertical reduction, that’s way too much, considering skills and the fact that you can use other attachments.


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