Gun specific magazine models

Escalation’s rather poor handling of this made me wonder if it’s possible to implement without the visual jank of sticking the magazine model on the gun model (not disappearing when unloaded), and it indeed is!

Video link

Pardon the shitty video quality

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The primary reason why the guns on Escalation have this problem is because I wanted to keep unique magazine types to a minimum while retaining unique magazine models on guns, for example it would be odd if a gun modeled after the PP Bizon had a magazine from the Uzi sticking out of it, hope this helps!

If you actually watched the video you would see a 30 round military magazine appearing normal on an Eaglefire, but changing appearance to a Swissgewehr magazine when put on a Swissgewehr, actually functioning properly and not appearing on the gun when no magazine is loaded. Hope this helps!


oh I missed that, that’s pretty cool, if I had that knowledge while making the guns I most definitely would have done that!


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How’d you do it?

I am not going to tell you that

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