Guns feedbacks

these are a few more feedbacks.
1)double weapon.

it’s simple for small weapons(colt avenger…)we will be able to double equip them.
these are some advantages and some malus of this function:
1-the double guns will have double magazine capacity and double fire rate.
2-the double guns will have more recoil and the reload time will be 2X (2 time longer).
3-it will save some storage and it will be styled.

the flamethrower will be a gun who need to equip a gas bottle carrier and you need to put in the storage of the gas bottle carrier gaz bottles (exactly two) also 1 gaz bottle will give you 50 flamethrower magazine.the flamethrower can not attack players underwater but can burn wooden structures and players.players who run underwater will no longer burn.

3)the lock on missile luncher.
it’s simple we will add a lock on missile luncher named hydra(you will lock a vehicle or a zone then fire with the hydra your character will fire in the sky then the hydra missiles after read through 5 meters (if there is an obstacle the missile will be destroyed)will go to attack they target(you will fire 5 missiles at once).

4)the grenade luncher.
like tf2 grenade luncher this grenade luncher will lunch grenade but with a special ability wile reloading you can stop the reloading(a long reloading) to fire with the grenade luncher .example: you have 3 grenade in your gun you start to reload and an enemy came you stop your reloading(you have know 5 grenade out of 6) and you start firing

it will work like a real taser(you will receive between 3 and 6 seconds of stuning(players will see you like teh unturned dead body then after 3 or 6 secondes you will get up)


yeah i know but i wanted to post the feedback to see if he comunity think that there is something to change/add

Absolutely not.

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Grenade launcher. No
Homing missile. No. We have enough noobs and guns already. We don’t want a milkshake of both.
Flamethrower. I’m sorry if this is mean, but I couldn’t understand a word you said because of the English. However, I will say what I think the flamethrower should be. Fire doesn’t spread. Damage to players and structures. Cause the player and structures to be “on fire” which gives DOT (Damage Over Time). The flame from the weapon itself shouldn’t do much damage, but the effect should. Again, no fire spreads.
As for the Akimbo weapons, I agree with that

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This isn’t Grand Theft Auto. You won’t be getting a heat-seeking rocket launcher.

You simply want more weapons and related mechanics. This isn’t even feedback at all, just a suggestion to feed your gun fascination


Yarrrr spittin’ barrrrs.

that just for making making mods better and add some mechanics to the game.also i add the taser.

Again, this isn’t feedback. You simply CANNOT give any feedback at this point of time because you haven’t experienced any gameplay of 4.0. Change the title to ‘weapon suggestions’ or something like that so it’s not misleading anyone.

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okay that’s it

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