Guns In backpacks

I do not know if you noticed (but I think yes) but backpacks store items even if they are not in your body, it will be very useful, a cool recurse would be to show the weapons that the backpack is carrying in her holsters, even if she is on the ground :smiley:

This also has in future backpack full of infinite storage bug, which is take a backpack full in another backpack etc., to solve it: you can not carry in your inventory a backpack that has the item inside it but can carry empty backpacks in your inventory with no problems.

Ps: I still can not find the gloves on the map CQC :frowning_face: HELP!

I doubt you could even store backpacks with items inside of your inventory at all, yes, you can EQUIP 1 backpack but it wouldnt make sense to he able to STORE filled backpacks anywhere in your inventory because if that were to be possible i could just fill my entire inventory with filled backpacks and make my inventory have significantly more space

@LeMaKoTi I referred to this as a bug, and a possible solution, it is not possible to carry full backpacks in your inventory, but you can carry backpacks with nothing in your inventory without problems.

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Yeah but you said at the begining “take a full backpack and in another backpack” so I thought you meant it should be restricted only to backpack inventory slots

@LeMaKoTi I use Google translate,the traduction is bad sometimes.

Yeah I was a bit confused but at the end you did also mention not being able to put full backpacks in your inventory, but i still decided to reply in case you didnt.

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@LeMaKoTi Ok,thanks for feedback

This isn’t a bug.

It’s a demonstration of nested storage, which should honestly be one of the most anticipated mechanics coming to UII.

As for putting backpacks inside of backpacks, see also: Escape From Tarkov

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He didnt say that nested storage itself is a bug but the infinite storage is, and I also agree that nested storage will be a great feature and make a lot of things in the game less annoying and better

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I have a bag of baseballs and a bag of school work from from last year

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