Guns & Mags don't spawn filled on easy

When ‘Has Durability’ is off and ‘Items Spawn at Full Quality’ is on (default for easy difficulty), for some reason guns and magazines (possibly even ammo crates) do not spawn fully loaded anymore.

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Quality/durability is the colored percentage % you see next to some items (such as guns, clothing, food). It doesn’t affect the number of rounds in a magazine.

You may be thinking of the Gun Bullets Full Chance [0-1] (Gun_Bullets_Full_Chance) difficulty setting and the Magazine_Bullets_Full_Chance setting.

But the point of Easy Difficulty is supposed to be that all Guns and Magazines spawn with full ammo

To clarify – this isn’t a bug. The default setting for both of the settings I mentioned haven’t changed since last update. On Easy, it’s set to 0.1 (10% chance), which is higher than other difficulty settings.

If you’d like it to be a 100% chance, you can customize your difficulty settings to do so.

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Then I have no idea what changed in the latest update, because when I played on Easy before, every gun and every mag was always full

The durability of weapons and ammunition, whether they are filled with food, and whether they are 100% durable depend on your game difficulty setting,In the detailed settings, there will be options such as whether firearms will consume durability when fired and whether clothing will consume durability when attacked by zombies,If you want to pick up military equipment such as items, food, weapons, firearms, tools, clothing, and night vision goggles, the durability is 100%, and the difficulty can be set to simple,I hope what I said can help you。

If you are playing as a single player, you can set death free items and weapons that do not consume durability in the detailed settings. If it is a multiplayer server, you can select a server with simple difficulty through server filtering, so that all items in the game are 100% durable and firearms are fully loaded with bullets。